• NCT2 Nylon cable ties Take-up Tools

NCT2 Nylon cable ties Take-up Tools

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Zhonggu Cable Tie Installation Tools are engineered so that the distance between the trigger and handle is minimized to lower the trigger force necessary for operation. This can lessen fatigue and increase comfort for smaller hands. An easy-to-read tension setting indicator and a non-slip tension adjustment knob ensures consistency from one operator to another.The internal mechanisms in this tool are built for reliability. The rugged, lightweight cast aluminum body makes it ideal to use in production environments. The blade and tool geometry improves cutting capability for smoother, more precise cuts.

Cable tie guns and installation tools come in many different styles and strengths, depending on what type of work they are needed for. Cable tie tools can both install and remove cable ties, making them incredibly versatile and a necessary accessory for any job or project that calls for repeated cable tie use. Not only will they make zip tie installation easier, they will make every job look for professional too.

Cable tie installation tools make any cable tie application easier and safer. Doing the job with your bare hands adds undue amounts of stress on cables you are bundling as well as adds unnecessary wear and tear on you.Constructed with an aluminum frame to eliminate sharp edges on cut cable ties. All metal construction provides durability and comfort during cable tie applications while ensuring correct automatic cut-off for repeatable results.

·Suitable for fast bind wire and cable automatic cut–and –bind left part

NCT2 Nylon cable ties Take-up Tools

Technical Parameters

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