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Wire accessories have become an essential part in wiring and beautification work. The cable tie products can support low-cost and convenient bundling functions which are utilized in numerous fields such as daily necessities, industrial facilities, architecture, design work, factory operations, and much more.Cable Tie Wiring Accessories are components and tools used to manage, organize, protect, and secure electrical wires and cables. They are essential for maintaining a tidy, safe, and efficient wiring setup in various environments, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Circle Cable Clips: Used to secure cables to walls or other surfaces, usually with nails or screws, using circular clips to securely hold cables in place and keep them neatly organized.

Self-adhesive Tie Mounts: Self-adhesive tie mounts are fixed in the desired position with adhesive on the back, and then the tie is used to secure the cable to the mount. They are suitable for a variety of surfaces and are easy and fast to install.

R-type Cable Clamps: R-type cable clamps are used to secure cables or pipes, usually fixed to the surface with screws. The R-type design provides reliable support and fixation and is suitable for many sizes of cables.

Spiral Wrapping Bands: Spiral Wrapping Bands, used to protect and organize cables, wrap multiple cables together through a spiral structure, providing wear-resistant protection and keeping cables tidy.

Spiral Cable Zip Wrap: Spiral zippered cable wrap that opens and closes easily with a zipper structure for easy addition or removal of cables, providing a flexible cable management solution.

Air PU Hose: Air PU hose, used in pneumatic systems, has high flexibility and wear resistance, is suitable for conveying air or other fluids, and is usually used in industrial automation equipment and tools.

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